Thursday, 31 July 2008

Hi everyone,

I've not been on a lot, because not a lot is happening at the moment, it is too hot to move about, the temperature outside my livingroom window is at this moment 35 celcius, no, not funny at all.

the thunder clouds are garthering, we might get a bit of a cool off !

My Celtic Spring is doing fine, except yesterday, (I was doing her sleeve,) was a real "frog and knot" day, could'n't find out where I had gone wrong, I was ready to throw it in the bin, I cut every stitch in the sleeve I could get to, started again and within the hour the sleeve was perfect.

I think my brain was protesting against all the work I wanted it to do with this heat .
see you when it gets a bit cooler.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

The Romantic Stitcher by PR.
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Posted by Picasaclose up, stitched on hardanger 22 count.
one over one.

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Monday, 21 July 2008

Monday 21 July 2008

what can I say about today ?? not a lot, it was stormy, rainy weather, only have been out for some shopping and posted 2 cards to the States. To Jen and Lori. They're having a rough time at the moment !!
I have been listening to Willy Nelson, Mel Haggard, Ray Price etc, whilst I was putting the last stitches in the ROMANTIC STITCHER, I'll have to wash and press it tomorrow then I'll blog it as ASAP.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Sunday morning 23.57 pm

I've just changed my blog a bit, I think it has come out well but I think it might be a bit mixed up because I have copied from one blog to this one.
I'll be back Sunday, to update my posts, so much has happened.
good night . Netherlands

My first Biscornu,top corner and bottom

you'll find some printable patterns lower down.
no.1 is the one I've done
1 2 34
thanks again for listening !!
Things are looking up a bit !!
My dear friend Susan has had her cataract operation today, I hope she's well and can start her stitching again.
Then my friend from Blackburn England rang , (she is 78) she told me some naughty jokes, but I must say, they made me laugh out loud !
Then Tina (jusrowan) offered me some DMC floss, I'm absolutely delighted about that!
I finished the biscornu I was stitching for a friend in the States, and it's gone in the post on the way to her !!
You know, for the first time since a week, I feel more optimistic about Ken, the doctor told me that all his problems like, weight loss, not wanting to eat anything, coughing his lungs out, feeling sick all the time etc. was because of the 5 very strong anti biotics pills !!
vrijdag 18 januari 2008

Not a lot happened yesterday, I only had to go to the Dentist , not good news, infection round one of my teeth, but she lanced it and now it's not so bad.This morning I received NORDIC NEEDLES new 2008 mailorder catalog !! wow, it's full of goodies ! I only ordered once from them ,they are very friendly and efficient. and............they sell all colours of Hardanger what is my favourite stitching material.I had a newsletter from (very good firm too.) they got special offers on patterns etc. like for instance Isabella's Garden by L&L, some prices are very reasonable.
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woensdag 16 januari 2008


I have a Biscornu, which was a Christmas present from Kristin, and is now in use every day !!
I never heard of them and thought it was something completely new, but no, I was running behind again !! I found a website, it's printed in Dutch and English, with free patterns.
I run a hobby group on wednesday afternoons for 5 ladies (including me) and the girls loved my biscornu, so I downloaded some patterns and today we started stitching, the amazing thing is, we do all the same pattern but we all started stitching a different bit.
the pattern on the right hand side is the one we're stitching.
I'll take some photo's next week, and will put it on my blog, I couldn't do it this week because my oldest lady (82) lost her 58 year old son last Sunday. he had 3 heart stops in one day !!!
now it is stitching time for my Queen of Fairies.
speak to you soon.
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dinsdag 15 januari 2008

here I am, all morning busy with trying to make a Blog, and what do you think ???I already made one in May last year ! Oh my God, old age doesn't help you remembering things, but, never mind , I'll use the old one now, the story wich is on this page ,you'll have to take with a grain of salt, it was just a I'll have to find out how to get this blog linked to the Yuku board. but there will be somebody able to tell me how to do it.
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maandag 21 januari 2008

Monday morning , stormy and very very wet, but I don'care, I can do some stitching, (yes I've done all my work I had to do !!)this morning I got an email from one of my internet friends, asking me If I knew a pattern of a lady in blue doing some stitching , she'd seen the chart but couldn't find it on any USA site,Yes of course I knew that pattern, I'm the greatest admierer of Passione Ricamo , she is calledTHE ROMANTIC STITCHER and she is beautiful.anyway, i had a look on the PR site, it was 18 euros or 26,10 dollars !!!so, I went to and......the same pattern, is 17.10 dollars !!! shop around girls,a few dollars more and you can order a 2nd pattern !!now you may guess what I have done ? YES YES YES,I ordered THE ROMANTIC STITCHER and reserved ISABELLAS GARDEN by L&L, she is very very cute, but not in stock yet. I've asked JoAnna to send the 2 patterns in one go, saves me 1 x shipping and handling.!!!I know I'm a "I WANT THIS" type of person, but my friends buy expensive shoes or bags, I'm not fashion concious, but love stitching !! boring ? yes maybe, But I'm Happy when I stitch. and a happy stitching person is better than walking about in shoes that hurt like hell.hope you girls who read this will have a lovely day.
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dinsdag 29 januari 2008

Ken ? update tuesday evening 20.15 hour

Hi everyone,
Haven't been here for a few days, reason is, Ken is not well at all, he's had in 5 days, 4 blackouts and that only happens when he has a coughing fit , he calls for me and ask me to help him, what can I do ?
I'm always there for him, I haven't been out in a week, friends (THANK GOD FOR FRIENDS !) do my shopping, come and keep me company,
phone every day to ask how Ken is and can they do something for me ??
I won't dare going shopping etc. at the moment and leave Ken alone in the house !
as you can see, my FAIRY QUEEN is coming on nicely, (click on picture to enlarge.) anybody who wants to start this one, I'll tell you, the skirt is a whóóóóóóle lot of work.' but she is gorgeous.
I've stopped with her till wednesday, because my friend needed the pattern, the black and white copies I've made to save the original pattern , is very bad to read.
I'm not going to do all the beading, To much for my liking, maybe I do the shoulder straps and bottom of skirt, but that's all.
Anyway, one of my friends is coming from out of town, so it's time to make coffee.
hope you all have a nice day.
Ken is in Hospital, the doctor said that he hadn't improved at al, he'll have to stay in for 3/4 days, depending on reaction to medicine !!
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woensdag 23 januari 2008

Wednesday again and still no photos of my girls stitching their Biscornus, reason is ,that my DH has pneumonia !!! the doctor has been here today and given some antibiotics, if it hasn't improved by tomorrow (the doctor is coming back then) Ken will have to see the lungspecialist. and might have to go to Hospital !!
he has had a blackout last night, that frightened him (and me.)
anyway, we'll have to wait till tomorrow to see how things develop.
The good news is, I just ordered from the ROMANTIC STITCHER and ISABELLAS GARDEN, 5 thread heavens and a Cat needle minder,
now everybody is using my threadheaven, !!!! and there is already a big dent in it, so, I told them to buy their own !!
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