Friday, 12 December 2008

the Cristmas cards I made this year for friends.

only started in October, and that is too late, I

wanted to do some more but alas.................

Friday, 5 December 2008

This is THE side for cross stitchers,

with every day a free down load pattern !!!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

back again and........... healthy again !!

Yes people, it doesn't happen very often but even I have days that I don't feel well,
very bad cold was the start of it all, "I was under the weather" could not tell what made me feel so awful, and then one day, I started coughing, got a running nose, was running a temperature, so............. a bad cold, that has been going on for about 2 weeks, then there were all the Christmas cards wich had to be made, cards had to be written, just my name is not for me, there has to be a bit of a wish. but my brains weren't working properly,
the cards for abroad had all to be weight in the postoffice,I bought stamps for an absolute fortune, but the cards were done and have been posted on Dec. 1st.
I was still ill, a Christmas parcel had to be made up, to go to a friend, again abroad, again a fortune on stamps,
then on one of my wednesday hobby group get togethers, one of my friends said, Why are you so quiet ? I told them that I didn't feel well again, that day I started with an infection in my bladder, painful and very uncomfortable.
The doc gave me antibiotics which made me feel sick, dizzy, headachy, just horrible 4 times a day !!!!
I have done no stitching, only
some cards, but last night I've started again and really enjoyed it.I'm doing a fractal pattern from Cross Stitch collectables. (88 colours only !!!)my friend Coby has already started before I became ill and I'll show you her progress.

I'm going to get ready now for my birthday,Christmas and weddinganniversary.
all the first time without my lovely husband, It will be sad days,but on my birthday
I'm being taken out to a Chinese wok restaurant by some of my friends, I'm looking forward to the SUSHI, Coby will be here on Christmasday, we're going to get all sorts of snack food we both like,wine etc.
and I'll make an oven dish with as meat fried rabbit.
Our wedding anniversary I'll celebrate with friends at my appartment and I think I'll make chicken Tandori with naanbread ,white rice and Currysauce hot and mild.
so, that was the explanation why I have been away so long, not that you'll find it very interesting but there you go !!!
I think I'll be back before Christmas,