Sunday, 2 January 2011

Sunday 2nd Jan 2011

well, just wishing my friends a very happy
May all your wishes come through....
may you have some money in your purse,
friends visiting you,
laugh loud and often,
enjoy life .

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas day 2010

Christmas morning, with presents from Holland, America and Australia,
what a surprises, I really didn't expect anything !

this is my VERY first Christmas in all my 74 years, that I'm on my own,
I'm not sad about it, because I know that many more people are alone,
and not as blessed as I am, I have everything I could wish for, only on days
like this I miss MY KEN terribly.
but when I see his lovely laughing face on the photograph, I feel happy because of the good times and Christmasses we've had together !

enjoy your Christmas, I certainly will !

God bless you all !

Friday, 24 December 2010

I hope for all the people in the world that the New Year, 2011, will bring

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Matt Baker and Alliona ( Team Mattonia)

In the meantime I've been watchin STRICTLY COME DANCING on BBC TV and have been following MATT BAKER, presenter for the BBC ,Country file, (ex)Blue Peter, The One Show and many more.
he turned out the most fantastic dancer seen on SCD for a long time.
I think, I might be one of his biggest fans besides all the BAKERETTES (many of them)
(there is a Bakerettes Blog.)
I am too old ofcourse to go all gooye over him, but my Goodness ,I do like him.
we oldies can dream can't we ??
enjoy the video, I hope it works ok, I've never uploaded a video before.

Off to the library now through thick snow.
see you later.

The Year 2010. I am , back from a long absence, no specific reason, just not much to tell.
what happerned this year ?
quite a lot really,
I went on a holliday in January for a month to visit my friends in North Carolina, Had a fantastic time, didn't go out a lot because of the atrocious weather ,but their company made up for it,On Jan. 30, (2 weeks before I was due to fly home.) I slipped off the one but last step of the stairs, and broke 3 ribs, Phil phoned the ambulance and I had to stay overnight in the hospital.I 've been in a lot of pain but all is well now. they looked after me so well,
Thank you Susan and Phil. you are just the best friends a person could wish for.!!love you both a lot.
Susans daughter had a babyshower in the time I was there, It was a lovely afternoon, with lots of friends and presents.
that's one thing they don't do in Holland, or maybe some people, because the Dutch copy everything the Americans do !
Jennifer (the daughter ) gave birth In February to a love baby girl called Kaylee.
I would have loved to visit my other friend Kristin , who lives about 30 min. drive from Susan, but the broken ribs spoiled a lot of planned outings .
Then my friend Coby and I booked a holiday to Toscany (Italy) for August, but the travel agent cancelled it because there was not enough interest. During the beautiful summer we've had, I had (according to a MRI scan ) 4 mini strokes, I knew about one of the strokes, because I wanted to write an email but my right hand would not let me do what I wanted to do, and when I got up to make a drink, my right leg wouldn't come to where I wanted to go,
the doctor was rather annoyed with me that I did not phone for an ambulance, but it was all back to normal in 30 min. so.... I didnt think it was urgent.
I've now been put on a very strong medicine wich made me feel very rotten in the beginning, but I got used to that now and feel fine,
Yes, they say that old age comes with problems, and they're right, but as long as I can coop with the problems, I don't mind !
other things which happened are of no interest to anybody, jut to my friends and me, like outings and meals out , and weekends away etc.
I did treat myself to a 52" Led TV for my birthday,
Susan and Phil had one and I fell completely in love with it.
and two weeks ago I bought "as a Christmas present for myself" ,the most fantastic MASSAGE chair with 6 Massage programmes and infrared heating. (See photo on top of page)

if you don't tickle yourself, nobody else will !

see you next time !!

Friday, 27 March 2009

Hello everyone,
I'm just here to tell you all that I'll be off on a lovely holiday from April first,
I'll be back with photos later.
see you !!!!