Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Year 2010. I am , back from a long absence, no specific reason, just not much to tell.
what happerned this year ?
quite a lot really,
I went on a holliday in January for a month to visit my friends in North Carolina, Had a fantastic time, didn't go out a lot because of the atrocious weather ,but their company made up for it,On Jan. 30, (2 weeks before I was due to fly home.) I slipped off the one but last step of the stairs, and broke 3 ribs, Phil phoned the ambulance and I had to stay overnight in the hospital.I 've been in a lot of pain but all is well now. they looked after me so well,
Thank you Susan and Phil. you are just the best friends a person could wish for.!!love you both a lot.
Susans daughter had a babyshower in the time I was there, It was a lovely afternoon, with lots of friends and presents.
that's one thing they don't do in Holland, or maybe some people, because the Dutch copy everything the Americans do !
Jennifer (the daughter ) gave birth In February to a love baby girl called Kaylee.
I would have loved to visit my other friend Kristin , who lives about 30 min. drive from Susan, but the broken ribs spoiled a lot of planned outings .
Then my friend Coby and I booked a holiday to Toscany (Italy) for August, but the travel agent cancelled it because there was not enough interest. During the beautiful summer we've had, I had (according to a MRI scan ) 4 mini strokes, I knew about one of the strokes, because I wanted to write an email but my right hand would not let me do what I wanted to do, and when I got up to make a drink, my right leg wouldn't come to where I wanted to go,
the doctor was rather annoyed with me that I did not phone for an ambulance, but it was all back to normal in 30 min. so.... I didnt think it was urgent.
I've now been put on a very strong medicine wich made me feel very rotten in the beginning, but I got used to that now and feel fine,
Yes, they say that old age comes with problems, and they're right, but as long as I can coop with the problems, I don't mind !
other things which happened are of no interest to anybody, jut to my friends and me, like outings and meals out , and weekends away etc.
I did treat myself to a 52" Led TV for my birthday,
Susan and Phil had one and I fell completely in love with it.
and two weeks ago I bought "as a Christmas present for myself" ,the most fantastic MASSAGE chair with 6 Massage programmes and infrared heating. (See photo on top of page)

if you don't tickle yourself, nobody else will !

see you next time !!


Meari said...

I am really glad to see you posting! I was just thinking about you the other day. You've had a busy year, healthwise! Hopefully you WILL call the doctor the next time you think you're having a stroke.. goodness.

Are you doing any stitching?

Merry Christmas!!

Miriam Pauline said...

I, too, am glad to see you post. I had come to your blog a couple of weeks ago to see if I was missing updates.

Take care of yourself and be healthy in 2011. Merry Christmas Henny!

Ken's choice said...

Thank girls,
yes I am still stitching's a massive one, if I have time today, I'll put the picture on my Blog.

a verry merry Christmas and good health for 2011 to you too.